Formula Goblin – NAAME has been contacted by Matthew Buck of Town Close School Norwich who is promoting Formula Goblin in the local area.


Formula Goblin organised by the Greenpower Education Trust works with more than 500 schools in the UK. Their ‘Design, Build, Race’ challenge sees primary school pupils compete at events in the electric vehicles constructed at their schools. The series is targeted at students aged 9-11.

Currently the majority of participating schools are located outside of Norfolk, hence there are no events within a two-hour drive of Norwich. Matthew is building interest in local schools and is planning an inaugural event in summer 2017.

Each Goblin costs £1500 (inc. VAT which schools can reclaim) and takes 15 hours to construct. The cars can be constructed in a primary classroom then rebuilt year on year. No great specialist knowledge or equipment is required and the cars can be tested on the playground. Firms can sponsor all or part of the purchase.

Formula Gravity started as a father and son project in 2000. David Ackroyd, the father, has since turned this small project into a series with over 200 racer kits in schools and colleges in the UK and abroad. The kits are provided by Technology Supplies (a well-known educational supplier), the schools and colleges then assemble and compete. There are a number of events and competitions each year regionally and across the UK. The kits consist of a spaceframe soapbox chassis and components that is able to be assembled by students 13-18 in age. The project isn’t just about the assembly; it has aspects ranging from vehicle body design and artwork, keeping engineering logs and delivering press releases to exploring the effects of friction and gravity.


In the words of David Ackroyd, Formula Gravity seeks:
– to increase the numbers of young people choosing engineering, science and technology subjects, apprenticeships and courses. (And jobs)
– To raise young people’s creativity, expectations and aspirations
– to develop key skills
– to facilitate greater school to business interaction
– to enrich curricula
– to improve achievement
– to make learning enjoyable in a real life situation
– to enhance career applications with accreditation
– to think and be GREEN
– to develop the sport.

Though the Formula Gravity started as a business here in the East we have a poor uptake of schools participating in this project. As part of the NAAME focus we seek to secure skilled workers for now, and for the future. Part of securing skilled workers for the future is encouraging STEM with in local schools, colleges and universities. If as a business you would be interested in putting time or financial support into such a project enabling a local academic institution to compete please contact…
David Ackroyd at 01284 830428 or via email:

Alternatively, find out more by visiting:


Robert Bowling

Author: Robert Bowling