Business Secretary, Alok Sharma MP on the 8th April has written a letter to all of the leading stakeholders currently within manufacturing. The letter thanks all businesses within the sector for their current effort and response to the Coronavirus relief support. Various sector businesses have diversified their business offerings to meet the ever-growing demand for personal protection equipment (PPE).

Letter Contents

The Secretary of State letter outlines that in such unprecedented times for the UK, Alok Sharma wanted to pay tribute to all manufacturing businesses and those who are part of the supply chain, for keeping the UK economy going.

  • Manufacturing is a critical part of the UKs economy and currently has no restrictions on manufacturing continuing under the current legislation.
  • Many of our sector organisations across aerospace, automotive, steel, aluminium, packaging and many other sectors have diversified to combat the current COVID-19 challenges.
  • Highlights various guidelines from Public Health England and specific guidance from the Government regarding social distancing measures and the importance of regularly washing your hands.
  • Mentioned the various support and relief packages available for the sector including an initial £330bn of guarantees during the pandemic.

Norfolk and Suffolk Support Packages

The New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership has recently announced a new ‘Business Resilience and Recovery Scheme‘ which entails a £10m support package fund to help Norfolk and Suffolk businesses to get through the COVID-19 pandemic and offer an introduction into economic recovery.

Some projects that could benefit:

  • Manufacturing solutions – supporting the manufacturer of products to tackle the pandemic
  • Research and Development – support for R&D related COVID-19 development
  • Tech and Innovation – new technology leading to productivity improvements
  • Diversified Manufacturing – short term manufacturer of PPE


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