New Anglia Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering (NAAME) and the Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor have secured funding for a major new project, Engineering Success, to help support the growth of Norfolk and Suffolk’s manufacturing and engineering cluster and ensure a bright future for businesses in the region.

Project Overview

The engineering and manufacturing industry in Norfolk and Suffolk is key to the region’s economy and future growth. NAAME brings together companies in the sector in a supportive network of ambitious businesses to exchange of ideas and best practice, make new connections and help companies grow. Engineering Success is the next stage of this work, and aims to build a nationally recognised engineering and manufacturing cluster in the region.

Funded by a grant from New Anglia LEP’s Innovative Projects Fund, Engineering Success aims to:

  • Increase productivity;
  • Enabling increased collaboration between businesses;
  • Drive innovation;
  • Stimulate new business growth.

The Project

The team helping NAAME deliver Engineering Success will be made up of academics from the University of East Anglia (UEA) who are experts in the fields of industry, cluster building and business analysis, with a world-leading research record and wide consulting experience.

Through a series of interviews, focus groups and workshops with NAAME members, they will analyse existing engineering and manufacturing activity in the region, and come up with a set of recommendations to aid growth in the sector. These recommendations will consist of a series of practical, impact-based interventions that can be delivered by NAAME for the benefit of industry overall.  The project will be informed by academic literature (regarding industrial development) alongside the latest practices and policies from industry.

Actions identified will form the basis of NAAME and Tech Corridor activities during the next five years, aimed primarily at growing and connecting businesses with each other and with major stakeholders both inside and outside of the region. This will include the development and implementation of a talent sharing platform to allow businesses to share specialist staff and expertise.


The Benefits

The project will facilitate engagement, innovation, supply chain connectivity, leadership development, new market opportunities and shared best practice.

Complementing another NAAME initiative, the new Productivity East facility at UEA, the project will also provide links to further education colleges such as the College of West Anglia, City College Norwich, East Coast College and West Suffolk College.


What Next?

With the ambition to address challenges and opportunities faced by engineering and manufacturing businesses across the region, Engineering Success needs to be owned by industry, designed by industry, and undertaken for the benefit of industry. It is imperative that the actions identified through the project are meaningful, impactful and offer value to businesses.


Can You Help?

We are seeking approximately 30 people to take part in a series of interviews, workshops and focus groups aimed at achieving the aforementioned. If you would like to know more or get involved, please contact James Williamson at Hethel Innovation on

All NAAME members will be consulted throughout the development of the Talent Sharing Platform and any members interested in utilising the platform are encouraged to get in touch with James.

NAAME Talent Sharing Platform

Interested? Please take a few minutes to read about the Talent Sharing platform and how this could operate. If you interested in finding out more, see the contact details provided.

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