It is still a very challenging time for all businesses in all sectors, but how can we look to shape the UK’s recovery? This week we were lucky enough to gain insight from Stephen Brown, Managing Director of Euro Projects Recruitment who has developed a free eBook on a Covid-19 Business Revival Plan. The eBook focuses on employee engagement, financial planning, marketing, protecting your remote data and so much more.


Euro Projects Recruitment

Keeping your business relevant in the Coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for firm owners and managers across the world, with many finding demand for their products and services no longer required in the immediate term.

This was certainly the case for Euro Projects Recruitment; as the name suggests a recruitment business, and one with a strong focus on engineering and manufacturing, including the aerospace and automotive sectors (the British car industry produced 197 vehicles in May 2020, compared with 70,191 in April 2019).

Luckily, with nearly 30 years in business and 4 recessions later, they had previously realised that it isn’t what you do in a crisis that gets you through it but what you in-between times; such as looking after customers, building meaningful client relationships, keeping a cash buffer, having committed colleagues, reduced recurring costs, agility in what and how you do things, and a clear understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

Recognising that the majority of their clients would be fighting for their business lives Euro Projects made the decision that their own survival strategy would be to “serve not sell” their way through the crisis.

Recruitment Challenges

“It was a very humbling experience to see how quickly the demand for our service dropped away, but also how supportive and collaborative our network of clients and associates became. We have never had a traditional approach to selling, with most of our business coming from recommendation and referral, so we decided now was not the time to start ringing for an order, instead, we decided to be as relevant and prevalent as possible, which created the idea to build our own community of clients and friends of Euro Projects to collaborate, share and give back to our customers in their hour of need.” Says Stephen Brown, Managing Director of Euro Projects Recruitment.

“Initially we started running a Zoom call, which took some getting used to the technology, and we had 12 attendees on our first call, now in our twelfth week, we have between 50 to 60 people joining the call to hear about legal updates, HR guidance and to share best practice, the feedback has been amazing and it is nice to see the same people attending on a regular basis.”

Recovery Resource


With so many contributors offering such great support each week, it seemed a natural progression to bring the best tips and ideas into one place and create a guide on how businesses can revive their fortunes after the crisis.

Available as a free eBook to download, the “Covid19 Business Revival Plan” has now been published by Euro Projects Recruitment and contains sections on planning your way out, employee engagement, protecting your remote data, financial planning, marketing and selling in a pandemic, crisis management and building a high performing team.

“We are really proud of the results and very grateful to all the contributors who gave up their time as professional experts in their fields to provide really practical and relevant advice. We are also delighted to report that in its first week, it had over a thousand readers” says Brown.


You can download your own free copy of the eBook at:


With special thanks to Stephen Brown, MD of Euro Projects Recruitment, what a fantastic resource, and I look forward to joining the weekly Business Leaders Zoom meeting. 


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