NAAME were lucky enough to be given a tour of Centurion Safety Products during the Thetford Manufacturing Group and were told how the business has accelerated innovation and the development of new products.

We spoke with CEO Jeff Ward, and Andrew Wood, Marketing Communications Manager, to learn more about Centurion and their 140 year story.

So, who are Centurion Safety Products and what do you do?

AW: “Established in 1879 and headquartered in Thetford, United Kingdom, Centurion Safety Products is a global manufacturer of head protection products, with key operations across Europe and China. The company has differentiated itself from the competition because of its focus on the head protection market, enabling it to acquire expertise and proactively and coherently address the safety needs of a global user base. Additionally, this focus has enabled the company to develop leading-edge, robust, and innovative products. Although other companies offer PPE for various purposes, Centurion’s specialization in head protection helps it offer distinct technical expertise and service to its customers across industries. Centurion’s product development strategies 

Centurion Safety Products design and manufacture a wide range of head, ear and face protection for a variety of markets.

 are based on research, covered by conducting various customer surveys and valuable inputs from end users. Centurion develops products that meet and exceed customer expectations, allowing the company to create a strong brand image in the marketplace. Furthermore, Centurion has rebranded itself in terms of the company logo and the way customers perceive it as a brand, which will further enable the company to boost its brand visibility and image in the marketplace.“

What have been your biggest challenges in innovating your wide product range?

AW: “Head protection has one of the highest compliance rates in Europe. Despite high compliance and usage rates, however, some key unmet needs offer scope for improvement. Head protection is required in construction and industrial occupations; however, features required for head-protection in various applications within the same industry differ significantly. Therefore, manufacturers in the head protection market are required to offer products that can be easily customized to meet the demands of other applications. A key challenge for manufacturers is to develop products and accessories that are easily customizable and compatible to meet the diverse requirements of different applications.”

To read the full interview, see the winter 2019 edition of the Evolution E-Mag to learn more about Centurion Safety Products: 


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