The Mid-Norfolk Manufacturing Group encompassing the Tech Corridor and the wider area is a consortium of like-minded organisations who are committed to seeing best practice, business collaboration & economic development prosper locally.

Mission: “The Mid Norfolk Manufacturing Group draws on the rich experiences of local sector businesses in order to enhance regional productivity & development opportunities.”

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Upcoming Meetings

2nd March 2020

From 14:30 – 16:30

WSC Stem Innovation Campus


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15th Sept 2020


Virtual Zoom Meeting


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8th December 2020


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Previous Meet-ups

Camvac: 4th July 2018

Centurion Safety Products, based on Burrell Way in Thetford, provided attendees with a look into their world of metalising as they acted as the host site for the Thetford Manufacturing Group, giving an insight into how they became the first business in Europe to produce food contact grade metallised OPP and PET.

They featured how they had implemented 5S to keep the shop floor clean and accessible, with a specific focus on the safety of the workforce. The materials used in metalisation are heavy, leading to safety being paramount.

The technology both old and new showed an interesting development of the process of metalising packaging for use in a number of everyday foods, such as crisps, chocolate bars and their newest innovation, wine bags.

Following the tour, talks were held to explore how to maximise business involvement in skills development, and how a business-backed initiative to share apprenticeships could benefit businesses.


Centurion Safety Product 5th October 2018

Centurion Safety Products, based on Howlett Way in Thetford, opened their doors to the Thetford Manufacturing Group on October 5th, showing attendees how they have actively innovated their product over the previous 12 months.

Innovating more in those previous 12 months than the previous 5 years that came before it, Centurion gave those attending a tour of their site, showcasing their wide range of products and the factory in which they are created.

The technology on show included injection moulding machines, soldering stations and printing machines. This has allowed Centurion to greatly increase sales as they offer a mass customisation service to customers.

A discussion was held as businesses provided food for thought of how Centurion could become more productive, and build on the remarkable 12 months they have recently endured.


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