Learn & Lead

A skilled workforce is a productive workforce. Becoming a NAAME Member allows you free access to a range of workforce enhancing programmes, designed to better equip workers for the progression to Industry 4.0. Here are the programmes NAAME provides to increase the potential of your workforce:

Lean Thinking

The first of many programmes offered, Lean Thinking introduces members to the methods available to businesses to improve value creation processes and reduce wastage. Over the course of 12 hours, split over 4 sessions, our team will provide you with the tools to transform your business, becoming more efficient and more competitive in the market, as a result. Being situated across our hubs, the training programmes also provide attendees with the chance to tour our sites, and see the potential vacancy opportunities.

Innovation Workshop

NAAME also provide Innovation Workshops to businesses, introducing the processes used to kick-start innovation. These 4 sessions will provide members with an understanding of how to implement innovation within businesses, and how the processes used have benefited other SMEs looking to create opportunities. Upon completion of the 12 hour programme, attendees will develop a greater understanding of how to identify innovative opportunities in your businesses supply chain, market and processes.

Activate Start-Up Series

Available exclusively  to NAAME Members, the Activate Start-Up Series provides guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to make the journey from a bright idea to a successful business. Whether you are a recent graduate or retired, this series will incorporate the LEAN start-up model to increase the likelihood of creating a successful business. Previous attendees of this course have gone on to create financially viable businesses and throughout the 4 sessions, you will also be able to meet ambitious entrepreneurs to provide you with invaluable contacts to create strong relationships for future collaborations.

STEM Gamechangers

STEM Gamechangers, a programme available exclusively to NAAME Student members, provides guidance to young persons looking to enter a career in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) sector industries. The Gamechangers programme allows students to meet STEM businesses to create new ideas, develop technology and solve real-life problems. Culminating with a Dragon’s Den style pitch, the two day session will allow children to develop transferable skills useful for future studies.