Find Opportunities

NAAME  creates and finds opportunities for members through a number of different routes. These opportunities will not only develop new relationships but also assist you in achieving targets and maximising the potential of your business. NAAME finds opportunities through the following avenues:

Opportunity Mapping

NAAME has, alongside the assistance of industry experts, created technology and sector mapping resources available for member use. These reports span across Plastics and Polymers to Electronics to Energy, and provide readers with opportunities that exist in those industries. These sector maps also highlight the expertise that reside in New Anglia, and potential collaborations that be can created.

Keep Connected

By becoming a NAAME member, you will have access to 4 quarterly E-Magazines, as well as receiving monthly E-Newsletters highlighting the upcoming events and opportunities available for your business. As well as receiving content, keep up to date across our various communication channels, including Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Platforms for Innovation

NAAME believes that platforms are paramount for creating and finding opportunities. As a result, NAAME has created platforms across New Anglia, in the form of Manufacturing Groups, for like-minded businesses to come together and voice their views on a variety of industry-related topics.